Diagnosis Services

The EURL for FMD provides diagnostic services for the confirmation or negation of disease and for virus charactersiation. The EURL tests samples using techniques described in the WOAH Manuel of Diagnostic Tests and Vaccines for Terrestrial Aniamals. The front-line diagnostic assays are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025. In addition to testing for FMD, the laboratory provides differentiel diagnosis for the related vesicular diseases : Swine Vesicular Disease and Vesicular Stomatitis.

Diagnosis services available at the EURL

The EURL carries out the virological and serological diagnosis of foot-and-mouth disease using the method described below :

  • ► Virus Isolation in cell cultures
  • ► Virus detection and serotyping by Capture ELISA
  • ► Viral genome detection by RT-PCR (conventional / real-time)
  • ► Virus typing by RT-PCR (conventional / real-time)
  • ► Sequencing and molecular epidemiology
  • ► Antibody detection by virus neutralisation tests and ELISA
  • ► Antigen detection by rapid immunochromatographic tests (LFD)


  • Technical Management
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